OneCard Office

We are responsible for your San Francisco State University ID card for students, staff and faculty. 

  • Issuance of SF State photo identification card which is also your library card, meal and resident hall card key
  • Management of the campus debit card program
  • Maintain Campus Center where students can view Account Balances and Transaction
  • Handle Lost/Stolen Cards
  • The Gator Pass program which is part of students OneCard provides unlimited rides on Muni (similar to the ‘M’ Monthly Muni Pass, but excluding cable cars), Unlimited rides on SamTrans, and 50% discount for your rides on BART to and from Daly City Station during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2024

Welcome back, Gators! Your OneCard/Gator Pass transit benefits will officially start on Jan. 29, 2024, for those who have paid their State & Local fees and have gotten their OneCard printed early. If you recently paid your State & Local fees or have had your card recently printed, your transit benefits will start 5 to 10 days after paying and printing of the card. Your transit discount will be valid until the last day of the final exams.

If your card is not functioning properly, please contact us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Your OneCard/Gator Pass will serve as a regular Clipper card during Summer and Winter sessions. For more information, please read our One Card FAQs.

Important Information

  • The Gator Pass transit benefits will not be active immediately after your card is printed or after you cleared your tuition balance. It takes SFMTA at least one week to process the clipper information into their system. Therefore we recommend students to wait at least one week before attempting to board transportation using the OneCard.
  • Do not board the transportation if your Gator Pass is not active or if you did not pay the fare! SF State will not be held responsible for any citation you may receive if you board with a Gator Pass that isn't working.
  • In order for your transit benefits to function correctly, please do not add external Muni, BART, SamTrans products onto your OneCard as this will replace your higher education discount. This includes autoload features and/or depositing more than $40 onto your Clipper account per transaction.
  • The OneCard Gator Pass will not work on the Clippercard App. Registering your OneCard onto the Clipper App may invalidate your Gator Pass.


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The Gator Pass has been generously supported by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority via the Transportation Fund for Clean Air and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District