Regional Transit Connection Card Holders

If you have an RTC (Regional Transit Connection) Clipper Card, you may be eligible for a Gator Pass fee waiver. This waiver will omit you from paying the $180 dollar fee for the new Gator Pass discounts.  In this case you will be excluded from Gator Pass discount program and your OneCard / Gator Pass card will not provide you with free rides on Muni and 25% discount on BART.  If you have already paid the Gator Pass fee and your waiver is approved, a credit will be applied to your account and you may receive a refund for any credit balance.  RTC holders must re-apply every semester for a Gator Pass fee waiver. 

The application can be found here: OneCard Office Application Waiver Form for RTC Card Holders

Please send required documents to this email:

The RTC Clipper Card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65 years of age with qualifying disabilities. This waiver is meant to accommodate all student who are valid RTC holders.

You can find a process diagram with the provided link.