Regional Transit Connection Card Holders

If you have an RTC (Regional Transit Connection) Clipper Card, you may be eligible for a Gator Pass fee waiver. This waiver will omit you from paying the $180 dollar fee for the new Gator Pass discounts.  In this case you will be excluded from Gator Pass discount program and your OneCard / Gator Pass card will not provide you with free rides on Muni and 50% discount on Daly City BART station.  If you have already paid the Gator Pass fee and your waiver is approved, a credit will be applied to your account and you may receive a refund for any credit balance.  RTC card holder waivers are valid for one semester only. Card holders must re-apply every semester for a Gator Pass fee waiver. There will be no retroactive refunds for past semesters.

Please send required documents to this email:

The RTC Clipper Card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65 years of age with qualifying disabilities. This waiver is meant to accommodate all student who are valid RTC holders.

RTC Review Process

  1. Submission: Submit your RTC application to
  2. Evaluation: We will review your RTC Waiver for completeness and Validity.
  3. Decision: An email will be sent to you with a decision.
    • If Approved: Waiver or Reimbursement. If you have not paid, the $180 fee will be waived. If you have already paid, your $180 payment will be reimbursed and will go towards any outstanding fees in your account.
    • If Rejected: Annotated Email. Your email will include an explanation of why you were denied of your reimbursement request.