Online Photo Submission FAQ

Newly admitted student will be able to submit their photo using CloudCard online photo submission. The first OneCard will be free of charge.

This is a one-time photo submission process for new students only. ID cards never expire; continuing students do not get new ID cards.

For OneCard replacement information, please visit the Acquiring OneCard tab.

  1. Go to the CloudCard Online Photo Submission page and request access using your SF State email account. If you don’t have access, contact and provide your ID number and SF State email address to request a CloudCard account created for you.
  2. Go to your SF State email and click on the photo submission access link. If you can’t find it in your inbox, it may be in your junk mail.
  3. Submit your ID photo in the first upload box. The photo must adhere to passport photo criteria.
  4. Submit your supporting document in the second upload box. This can be a photo of your ID, driver’s license, passport, or high school ID.
  5. Click on "Submit and Exit" at the bottom of the second submission page once the two photos have been uploaded.
  6. Check your SF State email to see if your submission was approved or denied.
  • If approved, we will create your OneCard and email you when your ID card is ready for pick up at our office. We will not be mailing out the ID cards
  • If denied, you will be given the reason of the denial and a link to try again.

Once the photo is approved, it cannot be changed and will remain for your entire time at SF State.

  • Make sure you are using your SF State issued e-mail ending in or to request access.
  • If you are having log-in issues with your SF State issued e-mail, please visit the website for instructions Information Technology Student Email Guide.
  • Our system may have not been updated with your information to allow you to request access yet. Please e-mail us ( if you are having issues with getting access with your SF State e-mail address.

If your photo has been denied, you will be notified through e-mail with a reason. Please make sure your photo meets the criteria of an acceptable photo.

There are two photos you will need to submit:

  • Photo of yourself following the passport standard
  • Photo of supporting document (Scan or take a photo of either driver license, state ID, previous school ID, passport, etc)

Follow the criteria:

  • Photo should only show head to chest. The entire head must be visible and close to the center of the photo.
  • Photo should be taken against a one color, plain, light background or wall. No cluttered background
  • Must be a color photo
  • Must not include eyeglasses, sunglasses, or hats. Garments worn for religious purposes are acceptable.
  • Body and head must be directly facing the camera. Head cannot be tilted
  • Eyes should be open and looking at the camera
  • Photo cannot have glare or bad lighting
  • No photo filters

Uploading a photo online to receive your SF State ID card is highly recommended at this time and it is the only way in receiving an ID currently as an orientation activity. You may delay this activity if you wish. We cannot say that you may need it or not for any class but it does provide transit benefits starting at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester and ending on the last day of instruction.

The OneCard Office will be sending confirmation emails to students with approved photo submissions. Once you received the email, your ID card will be ready for pickup at the OneCard office in one to five business days, depending on the amount of submissions we need to process.