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Students, your OneCard/Gator Pass transit benefits will end on Saturday, December 22, 2019 and will resume on January 27th, 2020. Your OneCard/Gator Pass will serve as a regular Clipper card during summer and winter session. For more information, please read below or our One Card FAQs.


  • To get a new OneCard/Gator Pass, please visit the OneCard office located at the Student Services Building. Please have a valid ID (passport, state license, or high school ID) along with your university ID number (e.g. 999999999) before reaching our window.
  • eAccounts is now live! Gators, use the Add/Check Value link on the left to add Gator Dollars into your account. For assistance, please use the following documentation: eAccounts Guide
  • If you recently had your OneCard/Gator Pass printed and have paid for Tuition/State & Local Fees, your transit benefits will start approximately 5 business days after printing.
  • In order for your transit benefits to function correctly, please do not add external Muni or BART discount products as this will cancel the university's higher educational discounts. THIS INCLUDES AUTOLOAD FEATURES AND/OR LOADING MORE THAN 60 DOLLARS INTO YOUR CLIPPER CARD AT ONE TIME.
  • Gator Dollars are UNUSABLE for Clipper cash. To add money to your clipper card, please visit an Add Value Machine located at Muni underground stations or BART stations. You may also add clipper cash through or at the Info Desk located at the Cesar Chavez Student Center.
  • Students who are part of the following programs:
    • ​ALI (American Language Institute)
    • OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute)
    • ElderCollege
    • CEL (College of Extended Learning)
    • SteptoCollege
    • Open University
    • Paralegal Studies
    • DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

​Do not incur state and local fee charges in which the Gator Pass fee is included, therefore, do not receive transit benefits. 

Gator Pass ID CARD


Please remember to Tap it or Ticket!


Tap it or Ticket GIF image

Remember to tap your Gator Pass on a SF Muni transponder found near the doors of Muni busses or trains. For SF Muni You will hear a beep and a message that says “TRAVEL OK PASS USED OK TO MAY 29”. If you do not see this message, we recommend not boarding transit and visiting the OneCard office.

If you take BART to and from the Daly City station, it should charge your card a price reflecting a 50% discount from the normal fare.

If you board SF Muni or BART without tapping your Gator Pass, you potential risk receiving a citation for fare evasion from transit police. 

To learn more information about Gator Pass, please visit ASI’s Transit Pass referendum

OneCard/Gator Pass Highlights:

  • Your OneC​ard/Gator Pass is a key for campus services:
    • It functions as your identification card for our University. It can be used in the University as:
      • Photo ID card
      • Library card
      • Print/Copy card
      • Declining Balance card
      • Door Access card (if applicable)
      • Meal Plan card (if applicable)
    • Gator Dollars are the campus currency associated with OneCard’s featured campus declining balance account. Generally, Gator Dollars are used for purposes like using copy machines and printers in the J. Paul Leonard Library, as currency in the Bookstore and vending/food locations across campus amongst other places throughout campus. For a list of where you can use Gator Dollars, please visit the OneCard Merchants page. Gator Dollars cannot be used to increase value for your Gator Pass.
  • OneCard/Gator Pass transit benefits include:
    • Unlimited rides on SF Muni trains and buses (excluding cable cars and other transit agencies such as SamTrans, AC Transit, etc.)
    • 50% discount on all BART rides to and from the Daly City BART station.
  • Be sure to register your OneCard/Gator Pass on
      Registering your Gator Pass protects your balance should you lose your Gator Pass and need to replace it.  It also lets you access your transaction history, set up automated loading of additional funds, and choose to receive important Clipper updates. It is not a requirement for your Gator Pass to activate, however, it is highly recommended in case your Gator Pass is lost or stolen.

Additional Highlights:

  • Recently printed cards
      If your Gator Pass was recently printed at the OneCard office, it will take approximately 5 business days for your transit benefits to associate with your card. After 5 business days, you may tap your card on the any Muni transit or the Daly City BART station. Upon tapping at a transponder, your transit benefits will be uploaded onto your Gator Pass.
  • Can I wear a hat when I take my OneCard/Gator Pass ID photo? What about sunglasses?
      Unfortunately, we do not allow hats or head coverings to be worn when we take your OneCard/Gator Pass ID photo unless worn daily for religious purposes. Your full face must be visible and any head covering must not cast shadows on your face. In addition, sunglasses are not permitted during photo taking.
  • Are your transit discounts not working?
    • Please refer to our OneCard FAQ page or visit our OneCard office (open 9AM-5PM at SSB 103) to troubleshoot your transit benefits. Do not forget to bring your OneCard/Gator Pass to the OneCard office to help aid in troubleshooting your transit benefits.
  • Confused about your Gator Dollars and Clipper Cash? See below for a diagram on your card:

OneCard/Gator Pass. Two Accounts in One! Gator Dollars & Clipper Card