Lost or Stolen Cards

The Gator Pass has real value as a transit card and as a campus OneCard, so please take care of it and keep it safe and secure. To limit your liability you must deactivate your card by suspending it online, or by reporting it lost or stolen to the OneCard office in person or by calling 415.338.3619 during office hours. Your campus accounts and privileges will be suspended upon reporting your card lost or stolen.

The OneCard office will help you disable the card and issue you a new card.

We are advise you to register your card at www.clippercard.com to be able to block further transactions on your Clipper account. If you have registered your Gator Pass with Clipper, you must also contact Clipper and report your card lost or stolen.  You will then be able to transfer cash value from your previous card to the new once it is assigned.

If your lost or stolen card has been activated to function as a U.S. Bank Visa® Check Card (also known as Maxx Card), you should immediately call U.S. Bank at 800.US BANKS (872.2657) to report the loss.


Replacement Card 

All replacement cards are issued at the OneCard Office (SSB 103). To receive a replacement card, all students must pay an up-front administrative fee of ($20) plus a card fee of ($2). If your card was stolen, please fill out this form and provide a valid police report along with any supporting documentation such as eye witness statements with phone numbers of the witnesses or any other documentation that will support your petition and email it to onecardpetitions@sfsu.edu. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing.