OneCard FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the uses of my OneCard?


  • Photo ID Card
  • Library Card
  • Print/Copy Card
  • Declining Balance Card
  • Access Card
  • Meal Plan Card



When do I get my OneCard?

If you attend an official SF State orientation, you will have your photo taken at the OneCard Office and your OneCard will be issued to you the same day.


If you are not attending an official SF State orientation, you may come to the OneCard office anytime during the semester to have your photo taken and your OneCard issued to you. Please review the steps you need to take before coming to the OneCard office.


What are Gator Dollars?

Gator Dollars are the campus currency associated with OneCard’s featured campus declining balance account. Generally, Gator Dollars are used  for purposes like using copy machines and printers in the J. Paul Leonard Library, as currency in the Bookstore and vending/food locations across campus, and residence hall laundry rooms, amongst other places throughout campus. For a list of where you can use Gator Dollars, please visit the OneCard Merchants page.


How do I activate my declining balance card feature?

The campus declining balance card feature is activated as soon as your OneCard is printed. All you need to do to use the campus declining balance card feature is add money to your Gator Dollars account.


You can add cash to your Gator Dollars account by using one of the many Add Value Stations (AVS) located on campus.


Or you can use a credit card to add money to your Gator Dollars account using our secure online deposit feature.


How do I add money to my OneCard Gator Dollars account online?

Cardholders can make deposits by logging into our secure online deposit feature. Use your SF State ID number and Password to log in. Once you are logged in, select the “Manage Account” link on the left, then select the “Add Funds” link and use a credit card to add value to your OneCard.


Parents and guests can also add value to a cardholder's OneCard account online. Cardholders can activate Guest Access by logging into their OneCard account and selecting the “Manage Account” link on the left, then the "Manage Guest Access" option. The Manage Guest Access option gives instructions for guest access. Students need to provide these instructions to their guest/s before they can use the Guest Access Website.


Where are the Add Value Station (AVS) machines located?

There are several AVS locations throughout campus:

Campus Map (PDF*) or Campus Map (HTML)


César Chávez Student Center

  • Main Entrance (Plaza Level)


J. Paul Leonard Library

  • Main Entrance (1st Floor)
  • Research Commons (1st Floor)
  • Study Commons (Ground Floor)


Student Services Building (SSB)

  • Main Entrance (1st Floor)


University Housing

  • Building A Laundry
  • Building C Laundry
  • City Eats Dining Center
  • Towers


Do Add Value Stations (AVS) give change?

No, Add Value Stations do not provide change. Please deposit only the exact amount you intend to add to your OneCard.


Where can I use my OneCard on campus?

Your OneCard serves as a J. Paul Leonard Library card for all students, faculty, and staff. It is also a door access card for residential students. OneCard has a campus declining balance feature that allows access to copy and print stations as well as the ability to make purchases with on-campus merchants. Visit the OneCard Merchants page to see the complete listing of where your OneCard declining balance card feature can be used.


Can I check my balance online?

Yes, you can manage your account online. Our secure online feature gives you access to view your Gator Dollar and meal plan balances as well as make online deposits, see account history and activity, and print statements. You can also suspend your card if it is lost or stolen.


Can I get a refund?

Eligible Gator Dollar refunds are subject to a $20 administrative fee. Approved refunds will be paid by check through normal University procedures and may take up to 4 (four) weeks to process. 


Refund Restrictions:

  1. Gator Dollar balances prior to the consolidation of Gator Dollars and BayBuck$ into one campus debit account are not refundable.
  2. Gator Dollar amounts deposited by campus departments and programs (such as Housing, Guardian Scholars, etc.) are non-refundable.
  3. Guest cards are non-refundable.



Are there fees for a replacement card?

Depending on circumstances, fees may be charged for a replacement OneCard. If the original card was lost or damaged, an administrative fee of $20 and a new card fee of $2 will apply ($22 total). If loss is due to theft (accompanied with a valid police report copy), these fees may be waived.


What happens to my Gator Dollars at the end of the semester?

Gator Dollars acquired after January 16, 2013, do not expire and will be rolled over to the next semester and/or academic year. The same applies to BayBuck$ that were converted/transferred to Gator Dollars in January 2013.


What should I do if I lose my OneCard?

To limit your liability you must deactivate your card by suspending it online, or by reporting it lost or stolen to the OneCard Office in person or by calling (415) 338-3619 during office hours. Your campus accounts and privileges will be suspended upon reporting your card lost or stolen.


Lost cards can be replaced for a total fee of $22 ($20 administrative fee + $2 card fee). Stolen cards may have the administrative fee waived if accompanied by a copy of a valid police report.


If your lost or stolen card has been activated to function as a U.S. Bank Visa®  Check Card, you should immediately call U.S. Bank at 800.US BANKS (872.2657) to report the loss.


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